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Married couple teams up as lawyers to serve Jacksonville community

Louis and Latoya Fields were born and raised in Jacksonville and returned to their hometown to provide legal assistance to people from their neighborhoods.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There are many law firms in Jacksonville, but very few of them are entirely family owned and operated. A married couple that started a new law firm in Jacksonville makes it a point to take their home life with them to work.

Typing away at their desk, a husband and wife are also the only staff. Two desks with the hopes of helping the community.

"Yeah we're married, but we're also partners in bringing justice for others," said Louis Fields III.

Louis and Latoya Fields became established attorneys elsewhere in Florida but moved back to Jacksonville to start Fields Law. Louis focuses on personal injury cases while Latoya handles sexual harassment law, something she's passionate about because of an experience from her 20s.

"Being an attorney that has personally gone through it, I feel that I can better represent those clients because I can say I know what you're going through, I know what you're feeling," said Latoya Fields.

From their office conference room there are sweeping shots of the Duval County Courthouse, as well as further into Jacksonville, like where they're from.

"In order to represent someone adequately you have to feel what they're going through, you have to experience what they're going through," said Louis Fields III. "Empathy is important."

Both were born and raised in Jacksonville, Louis grew up on Dunn Avenue and graduated from Jacksonville University.

"It means a lot," said Louis Fields III. "My experience at JU has molded me."

Latoya grew up in Arlington and reminisces as she walks past her childhood apartment on Justina Road.

"I feel like being from here we provide that representation of hey, we've lived here before," said Latoya Fields. "We've gone through things you've gone through, we've lived where you lived." 

And now they hope to raise their son in their hometown, all while being a legal resource for members of the communities where they're from.

Contact information for Fields Law can be found on their website.

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