You know what they say about revenge.

Fourteen years after Tom Brady beat Columbia High School football coach in the Super Bowl for the second time, his former student beat Brady in Super Bowl LII.

Timmy Jernigan's origin story begins in the high school weight room.

"Everything that we do, this is where it gets started," Brian Allen said the day after the Super Bowl.

Jernigan's record-setting clean and jerk max still hangs on the wall. In the seven years since he graduated, it's never been beaten.

"He's the goat as we call him," Allen said. "He's the greatest of all time in the heavyweight division."

Allen only trained with Jernigan for one semester, but they share a bigger bond than just coach and player.

Both grew up in Lake City, and both wore the colors of the Columbia Tigers before taking the field on the NFL's biggest stage.

As a linebacker, Allen was part of two Super Bowl teams: with the Rams in 2002, and the Panthers in 2004.

Both ended in losses to Tom Brady.

"I'll argue all day that he's the best that has ever done it at that position," Allen said.

On Sunday, Columbia High School got some Super Bowl payback when Jernigan's Eagles took down Brady and the Patriots.

"I'm just extremely proud for a Lake City kid to walk away with a Super Bowl championship," Allen said.

On Monday, you could hear Jernigan's name all over the school, and not just on the field and in the weight room.

"I just had tears of joy," said math teacher Shelli Shoup, who remembers Jernigan as a great athlete but also a good student. "He was going to do whatever it took to put him at the next level. Never satisfied with where was and I think that probably has a lot to do with where he is today."

Where he is today is on top of the NFL: A winner... and now, so are all the Tigers that came before and after.