In the second day of court proceedings in the murder trial of 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle, the jury heard the voice of accused killer Donald Smith as it filled the courtroom.

Recordings from April 2015 were played of Smith talking to another inmate about his fondness for young girls.

A confidential informant alerted authorities to the fact that Smith was talking through ductwork in his isolation cell about things that might pertain to the murder trial.

As a result, covert recording devices were placed in the ductwork by an undercover officer who acted as a maintenance worker.

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The recorder stayed in place for 7 days and recorded roughly 74 hours worth of information, which had to all be sorted through.

The scene was set: A group of young girls were touring the jail and could be seen by Smith in his isolation cell, according to prosecutors.

"You know how old they are?" Asks the unnamed inmate.

"About 12, 12-15," Smith shouts back through the duct.

After a pause.

"Yeah, that's right up my alley right there. That's my target area right there. That's what I go after," Smith said.

After a couple of exchanges.

"I'd like to run into her at a Walmart," Smith said.

Perrywinkle was reportedly last seen getting into Smith's van at a Jacksonville area Walmart. She was later found submerged underwater, sexually abused and strangled to death.

"Cherish had some butt on her?" Asked the unnamed inmate.

"She had a lot for a white girl," Smith responded.

This came after a day of disturbing testimony from Valarie Rao, Duval County's Medical Examiner, who spent time describing all of the injuries Cherish sustained to her genitals and anus, as well as the ligature marks around her neck indicating her strangulation.

These recordings were some of the last things to be heard in court before the defense rested. Smith did not testify, nor did the defense call any witnesses.

It's unclear when the man accused of killing Cherish Perrywinkle, 8, will go to trial. The suspect will appear in court for another pre-trial hearing July 2.