JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The city council listened to numerous people, picked from 123 speaker cards, who voiced their opinions regarding the Confederate monuments that are across the River City, prompting dissenting views from the public.

Several people shared their support for the removal of the controversial monuments and statues, while others defended the history of these structures and claimed that it would be “destroying history” to take them down.

One speaker said the Confederate statues “cast a shadow” of forces that were fighting for oppression, saying they should be removed from public view.

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Meanwhile, others were against their removal.

“They want to destroy every aspect of our culture (by taking down statues),” one speaker said in opposition to the removal of the statues.

Seber Newsome, who is associated with Save Our History, said “Let the people vote on the issue … wash your hands of it” when addressing the city council.

Councilwoman Katrina Brown said during the public comments section that racial slurs have been sent to the council following controversial comments by City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche.

Aside from the Confederate monuments issue, several people spoke up in opposition to JSO sheriff Mike Williams’ request for 80-100 more officers through Mayor Lenny Curry’s budget proposal. Many called for “police accountability.”

Also, Bill 2017-378 regarding term limit repeals for city council members failed with 6 yays and 11 nays.

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