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CCSO: Three officers arrested who beat Camden County inmate Jarrett Hobbs

The three officers have been arrested on charges of battery of an inmate and violating the oath of office and booked into the Camden County Public Safety Complex.

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. — The three officers seen in the viral video of a Camden County inmate being beaten have been arrested on charges of battery of an inmate and violating the oath of office, according to the Camden County Sheriff's Office.

Braxton Massey, Mason Garrick and  Ryan Biegel have been booked into the Camden County Public Safety Complex -- the same jail inmate Jarrett Hobbs was booked in when he was beaten. 

The arrests come at the conclusion of an investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Camden County Sheriff's Office.

Braxton Massey has been employed by the Sheriff's Office for six months, Mason Garrick for 18 months, and Ryan Biegel for three years, CCSO said.

All three have been fired.

Two other employees face disciplinary action based on findings from the investigation, CCSO said.

Sheriff Jim Proctor said, “I appreciate the Georgia Bureau of Investigation assisting our agency with this critical incident that occurred.  The arrest of these employees culminates the criminal investigation and ends their employment with The Camden County Sheriff’s Office.” 

Hobbs' attorney, Harry M. Daniels, asked the Department of Justice to look into the case Monday.

"At the time Mr. Hobbs was brutally attacked, he was unarmed and posed no threat to the Detention Officers or others," he wrote.

In the video, Hobbs can be seen pacing around his cell, sitting down and occasionally standing at the door. Attorneys said Hobbs was having a psychological episode and banged on the door. 

In a separate video provided by the attorneys, you can hear a loud bang as one officer was walking away while another inmate was in the area. After the loud noise, an officer turns around to Hobbs' cell and more officers follow behind. That lead to the moment showing prison officers trying to restrain Hobbs, but they start punching him. 

Eventually, they move outside his cell while the beating continues. Hobbs can be heard screaming in pain in the video with audio attached. One correctional officer can be heard telling him to "stop resisting." Later on, they were able to put Hobbs in a restraining chair. 

Video shows he was pushed repeatedly into his bed and then the door closes behind him. Afterwards, the 41-year-old is seen tugging at his restraints. 

The event happened 10 weeks before Sheriff Jim Proctor called for an internal investigation.

Hobbs was initially arrested for speeding, driving with a suspended or revoked license and possessing a controlled substance -- all nonviolent crimes.

 Attorneys said he suffered a chipped tooth, swelling and one of his locs was ripped from his head. After the beating, they said he was put in confinement for two more weeks. 


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