Jacksonville, Fla. -- At Sports Mania in Jacksonville Beach, the newest Jags gear is stocked.

"There's a renewed hope for the Jags with Tom Coughlin back in town," said store owner Matthew Smith.

Smith says teal and black sales will pickup any day now.

The Jags are hoping season ticket renewals spike the same way.

Emails, obtained by First Coast News, sent to families and business that have purchased season tickets before are not only slashing prices but offering seats at neighboring concert amphitheater Daily's Place.

"If it takes giving you a concert to get you to spend $1,500 a seat, you know I think it's humble of the Jags to have awesome marketing material they want to show off and I think they're using some interesting tactics to give back to this person that's willing to make a commitment to them," Smith said.

In the emails, the Jaguars are asking ticket holders who haven't renewed what could change their mind.

Sales agents suggested they include a signed Tom Coughlin jersey in one ticket package. For another season ticket holder, the team offered extra tickets to one home game or a club seat upgrade.

But what about those loyal enough to just renew? The Jags are staying quiet on if they automatically get the perks too.

"I don't think they're hurting to get people in the stands, I think they're intrigued to get people to check out their new products," Smith said.

Indeed, the Jaguars confirm they still have work to do to meet sales goals but say they expect increased interest as the first preseason home game gets closer.

"Offers vary from person to person and are based on the relationship we've built with each member and our individual knowledge of each one," a spokeswoman said in an email to First Coast News.

If the efforts work, there's a ripple effect. Everyone wants a shirt before they go to the game.

"We're hoping that this year they can really get things going," Smith said.