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Jacksonville woman turns 100, says secret to longevity is coffee

She has four children, seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren with number eight due soon.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville woman celebrates her 100th birthday Monday. Her secret to long life? Staying active and drinking coffee, she says.

Eva Hutto was born Nov, 15, 1921 in Waycross, says her friend Kelli. She moved to Jacksonville in 1942. 

"She's the sweet mama to four children, seven grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren with number eight due soon" says Kelli. "Her secret to longevity is to stay active, take care of your health and to drink coffee."

Hutto enjoys her coffee black with no cream or sugar but likes her favorite snacks, sweet cake and cookies. She also loves bacon!

"She's spry and has a good sense of humor," sayd Kelli. "She enjoys her photos, her memories and her flowers."

Kelli says she's known Hutto for 56 years. They both met at church and Hutto has since organized Kelli's wedding, my bridal shower and baby shower.

Kelli says Hutto also helped her get though her mom's passing

"Thank you so much for recognizing her! She means so much to me and her family! She deserves for everyone to know how special she is."

Credit: Kelli
Eva Hotto


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