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Jacksonville tattoo shops, movie theaters making changes during Phase Two reopening process

Tattoo parlors and movie theaters are among the businesses that reopened in Florida during Phase Two.

Phase two of reopening kicked off Friday in Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ order allows bars, movie theaters and other personal service industries like tattoo parlors to reopen.

The coronavirus is changing how some of these industries cater to their customers.

Before you put ink on your body at Oxford Ink Tattoo, you’ll have to put ink on paper, saying you haven’t been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19.

“I’m feeling good, glad to be open and provide our services to the community,” Jerron Oxford, owner of Oxford Ink Tattoo said.

Oxford says it was difficult to understand why tattoo parlors reopened after businesses like hair salons.

“We deal with blood as opposed to just hair and external things so it was kind of like, we already heavily regulate so it was confusing,” he said.

Now he requires people to wear masks, and be fever-free for three days.

Fifteen minutes will be spent in between appointments to sterilize the area. Clients will also have to sign a COVID-19 waiver before getting a tattoo.

Oxford said he lost a lot of business due to the pandemic.

“I turned down so many phone calls in the 8 or 9 weeks since we were closed, I turned down over 70 in the past two weeks,” Oxford said.

Movie theaters are also making changes to open in Phase Two.

 “We are really doing our best to anticipate what people are going to need and need to see in a movie theater,” Shana David-Massett, co-owner of Sun-Ray Cinema said.

David-Massett says they started an on-demand movie program on June 1, but are working on some things before they open to the public.

Touchless foodservice and reserved seating with social distancing will be some of the changes made before the theater reopens.

“It’s a no-brainer way to create social distance without imposing restrictions that make it feel uncomfortable,” David-Massett said.

She says the theater will be installing recliner seating before they reopen to the public.

David-Massett also says there will be three screenings of their July 4 showing of Jaws.

It’s comforting to her and Oxford they can be open while following guidelines in place.

“It’s more than just skin or body modifications, for some people, tattoos are therapy,” Oxford said.

Oxford Ink also offered a special on Friday. Customers can get unity-themed tattoos and were encouraged to donate $20 to the Jacksonville Action Committee.

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