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Turn down for what? Loud car show roars into Jacksonville

It's against the law for these cars to blare their music while driving. But when they're parked, it's a festival.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Saturday was the start of a two-day show at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center to celebrate loud cars. The show was put on in an open field, but the music blared so loud that you could barely hear yourself think. 

And that was the whole idea. 

The seventh annual Summer Showcase brought competitors to Jacksonville to show off their stereos. 

Starting July 1, law enforcement agencies across the state of Florida announced that they would once again enforce a law that's already on the books. 

The law says drivers can be ticketed if the music from their vehicle can be heard from at least 25 feet away from their vehicle. 

That mean it's against the law for these cars to blare their music while driving. But when they're parked, it's a festival.

"I have a 2x3 10 sun downs," says Andre Lonon. "I have it on an MD5Ktar Amps and I have an 800 by 4 temano on my mids and highs and Rockville 6 1/4's."

(Editor's note, we're pretty sure that's the technical term for: his car gets super loud.)

Some of the cars were so loud that the systems literally blast people's hair around. The car show certainly brought the noise, but when it comes to loud cars, the people that we spoke to said that it's not about being disruptive. On the contrary, it's actually about bringing a community together.

"It's just like hanging with your brothers," says Lonon. "Everybody has one thing in common, we like it loud."

Regan Rushing traveled to the show from Winter Garden, FL.

"It's almost calming, it's like you can't do it anywhere else," says Rushing, "good place to go, get a bunch of people around, like family, brings everyone together."

Rushing is also not a fan of the potential enforcement of the "loud car law".

"I think it's kind of ridiculous because I'm pretty sure a Bluetooth speaker can go from 25 feet away," says Rushing. "It's like taking out a whole community almost."

But still, a potential crackdown on these loud cars (if they were operating on the streets) does come as a concern to some of the participants.

"This is not a million dollar industry, it's a billion dollar industry," says Jefferson Lirio, "there's a lot of people that spend to operate their systems to have something more."

Lirio is part of a company that enhances loud cars and offers a compromise.

"We do need more spaces like this where people that build their custom system can come show it off," says Lirio. "The county regulates the permits for this, if they give more permits for music shows people will be off the streets."

In the meantime, this group will keep cranking the volume together.

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