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Jacksonville mask mandate extended 30 days

The mandate is for everyone 6 and older, but there are some exclusions, including people who have medical conditions.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — People living and working in Duval County will be required to wear masks in public places for another 30 days.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry extended the city's mask mandate Wednesday for another month, making its new expiration date Saturday, Dec. 26.

"We're extending it 30 days, 30 day increments," Curry said. "And I stay in regular contact with physicians and the leaders of all of our hospital systems and it's just the right thing to do right this time."

The mandate is for everyone 6 and older, but there are some exclusions, including people who have medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask. In that case, you’re asked to try and always stay 6 feet from others.

"When I see (people) out in public, most people seem to be cooperating," Curry said. "It's an easy thing to do. I mean, people need to understand. We in Florida and we in Jacksonville, have learned to live with this virus in a safe, responsible way. We're simply asking you to wear a mask when you're inside, into in places and you can't practice social distancing. There are cities and states where people can't go to the store. There are cities and states where kids aren't going to school. We have all that here. Take a simple precaution. Care about the people around you and wear the mask."

The city says you must wear a face mask at all times unless you can maintain a safe social distance or if wearing a mask keeps you from doing what you're at an establishment for. Examples include eating in a restaurant or being treated at a dentist's office. The people who work at the business are in charge of making sure everyone follows the rule, and you can be denied entry if you don't have a mask on.

In July, First Coast News asked the city how it plans to enforce the mandate and were told, residents need to “take personal responsibility and do the right thing. It can be enforced, but this also gives businesses the ability to refuse service to someone who refuses to comply.”

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