JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A viral photo by a Jacksonville father has sparked Pamper's initiative to install 5,000 diaper changing tables in men's restrooms across the United States and Canada.

Last October, Donte Palmer posted a photo of himself doing his signature "man squat" as he improvised at changing his son's diaper in the men's room of a local restaurant. 

“I looked around the bathroom, there were no changing tables," Palmer said. "I got into my perfect man squat, threw Liam over my lap and began to change him.”

The photo was shared across social media, eventually catching the eye of Pampers. 

Months later, Pampers, with help of Grammy-winning musician John Legend, announced their plan to install thousands of bathrooms as part of its Love the Change campaign

The campaign's first changing table will be installed in Jacksonville, a Pampers spokesperson told First Coast News. No specific date or location was announced.

Pampers said it will partner with Koala Kare over the next two years to find and install changing tables in men's rooms in parks, recreation centers, community centers and libraries across the U.S. and Canada.

Legend is helping promote the campaign.

“Spending time out and about with my kids is one of the greatest joys in my life, but it’s frustrating when I am out with Miles and the men’s restroom doesn’t have a baby changing table," Legend said in a press release.