JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The days of dial-up internet service are now in the rear view mirror. Broadband is now the norm for internet users.

" I remember dial up," said John Davis, "It was like getting nowhere."

Davis has no love lost for the slow and noisy service of yesteryear, but he has problems with the present service; its advertised speed.

"We can barely get anything done while we are surfing the net," he said.

Davis and his wife use their computers frequently. They said the download speed has been like a roller coaster.

"I was promised the speeds of between 125-150 download and it has not been that, " he said.

How does he know? Davis runs the Xfinity speed test several times a day. Those results told him he is not getting the advertised download speeds at all times.

"I'm not getting anything of what I'm paying for," he said.

He has a bundled package from Comcast, his provider, it includes phone, internet and cable.

"They're telling us there is nothing wrong with their system,' said Davis.

On Saturday, June 17, at 4:40 pm the download speed was 28.5 Mbps, at 4:54 pm it was 4.9 Mbps.

Davis said the inconsistency is taking a toll on his home schooling.

"This is critical to our home school," he said, "My child cannot talk with his teacher."

He said when the download speed is too slow his son gets kicked off the virtual school campus. It is then counted as an unexcused absent.

He did the Xfinity speed test again, and both laptops never got to the advertised download speed. The high was 129 Mbps, the lowest while we were in his home was 90 Mbps.

"The problem should be found and fixed so my son could attend school," said Davis.

His son is out of school for the summer, but he wants it fixed before the new school year begins.

The FCC has studied the issue for the past few years, determining whether consumers are getting what they pay for when it comes to broadband.

Neil Grace said the “actual-versus-advertised” speed data are all compiled in its Measuring Broadband America reports – this year’s one isn’t out yet.

These are the reports from the previous years.

We reached out to Comcast. Spokesperson Cynthia Arco said, "In 2016, for the sixth straight year, Xfinity customers received internet speeds that were as fast as or faster than advertised.

Arco provided the following statement:

"There are a number of factors that can affect a customer’s network performance and internet speed. Our local network and technical operations team will continue to work with this customer to address the situation and get it resolved as quickly as possible."

She said they want their customers to be happy.