Coming home looks a lot different now for Madison Oliver and her boyfriend, Issac Allan. They're now living in a hotel after Hurricane Dorian's wind and rain caused their boat to get loose and partially sink.

"We were really frantic," Oliver said. "We didn't know what to do. That's our everything. That's our home." 

The couple evacuated their home that they had just remodeled to a hotel for the storm with just a few pairs of clothes and their dog. Most of their lives sits soaked in their sailboat. Oliver said it was secured in the Intracoastal near Jacksonville Beach before they evacuated. 

"It's kind of too surreal knowing that I don't have really anything left," Oliver said. 

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They were able to save some documents related to the boat. Those documents are now drying out on the windowsill. While Allan works, Oliver works to find them a new home.

They're looking for an RV, camper or anything in the price range of $5,000, not sure where they'll be next.

"Are we going to have a roof over our heads tomorrow?" Oliver asked. "What's going to happen? Are we moving? Are we going to stay here in Jacksonville? We're just trying to look at every option possible. The hardest part is just trying to figure out if I’m going to have a roof over my head the next day.” 

The couple has to leave the hotel they're in now later this week because they said they can't afford it. They've set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for a new place to live and to help pay to remove their sailboat.