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Jacksonville Beach lifeguards prepare for big summer events

“As the crowd grows so does the number of calls for assistance."

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — A common issue that Rob Emahiser, Captain of Ocean Rescue at Jacksonville Beach says he sees at the beaches when they are crowded is lost children.

“When there’s a large crowd it doesn’t really take that much distance to lose track of them. so we want to urge people to keep a close eye on your kids. stay right with them," said Emahiser. Some things to keep in mind while the beach may be packed.

“There’s no alcohol on the beach, we don’t like anyone to have charcoal because it could get in the sand and burn somebody’s feet, also no dogs during nine to five," said Emahiser. 

Flags rising are another thing you can expect at the beach for your safety.

“Green is moderate safe conditions, yellow is intermediate conditions, and red is dangerous. Occasionally when there's a hurricane and it’s double red that means no swimming and the purple flag is for dangerous marine life," said  Emahiser. 

Emahiser says to have fun when attending big summer events but follow the rules.

“Be safe and just consider the heat if you’re not outside a lot stay hydrated," said Emahiser.