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Jacksonville Beach gym ready to open and 'prove they can be just as safe'

All TitanUp locations are offering a free week trial to get people motivated and back in the gym.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — TitanUp Fitness in Jacksonville Beach has been closed for weeks due to COVID-19.

TitanUp Co-owner and creator Andrew Decker is ready to open it back up along with the other locations across the First Coast on Monday -- and he already has a plan.

"It's all we've been doing is running scenarios in our heads and on a drawing board. You name it, because that's what you do to fill the time right now," Decker said.

It's a class-based gym, so there is only a handful of people inside and working out at once.

"We have a lot of things working in our favor that we feel confident about right now," Decker said. "We already separate everyone."

TitanUp gyms are smaller than your local LA Fitness, so he's glad Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t put a strict occupancy limit on state gyms.

During a news conference Friday, the governor simply urged gyms to make sure they have social distance capacity. He is also requiring them to sanitize machines and equipment are after each use.

“We're going to ask that at least everyone try and do their part because now we have these containment pods of cleaning supplies spread out every eight feet in the gym," Decker said.

There will be at least four sanitizing stations at each TitanUp Fitness location, which will supply two or three additional options more than usual -- such as microfiber towels and pure alcohol.

"I'm just excited to see familiar faces and excited to get people rebuilding their immune systems," Decker said. "Everyone's been locked up for a while, and like DeSantis said, let's start rebuilding that lung power."

Although TitanUp fitness hasn’t been bringing in any income for weeks, all of their locations are also offering a free week trial to get people motivated and back in the gym.