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Eagle eye on safety, a $10K tip and a first birthday celebration: It's All Good (News!)

Another boatload of nothing but happy, uplifting stories.

CLEVELAND — It's time once again for your favorite show -- the one with nothing but happy, uplifting news stories, for a change.

On this week's episode of "It's All Good (News!)," we begin in Avon Lake, where a group of electric workers are making things a bit safer for some of the community's favorite residents. A family of Bald Eagles has taken up residence there for years. The Illuminating Company heard from several of the human residents, who were concerned that the nesting eagles were going to get injured on some nearby electrical wires. So those crews sprang into action, insulating some of the wires and building a perch atop one of the poles for the eagles to sit on.

Then, watch as a baby who got fitted with hearing aids hears her daddy for the very first time. Her reaction to his voice is priceless and will definitely make you smile.

To Florida next, where a group of restaurant workers got a huge surprise from a customer. The man racked up a bill of more than $100, then called all the staff together to tell them he was giving them each a $1,000 tip -- totaling $10,000 in all. 

In Washington, D.C., a very special celebration at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Xiao Qi Ja, the resident panda cup, turned one recently, and the zoo went all out in celebration. Watch the episode to see how the baby panda reacted.

Watch this week's episode of "It's All Good (News!)" in the player below.

Finally, a fun mystery in Belfast, Maine. Recently, a giant rubber ducky appeared in the harbor there. Make sure you watch to see how big it is, and how residents are reacting to their new neighbor.

Make sure you share your good news with us so that we can share it with Northeast Ohio, and the world! It can be something major -- like a miraculous recovery, or something small, like a random act of kindness. Email us at GoodNews@wkyc.com, post it on social media using #GoodNewsCLE, or watch the video below to see how to upload it with pictures and video using the 3News app.

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