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Update: Injured JSO K-9 hero is on his way to recovery and getting some fresh air!

Huk, a celebrated Jacksonville K-9 officer who helped capture the accused killer of a deputy, was injured on duty Friday when he was shot.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville Sheriff's Office K-9 Officer 'Huk' is taking it day by day -- but things are looking good.

The Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix was badly injured while on duty in Jacksonville Friday.

Huk was shot three times by a suspect after a pursuit led to a car crash near the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, a law enforcement source told First Coast News. 

That suspect was arrested, but two passengers inside the car died on scene, police said. 

Huk has been instrumental in catching criminals all over North and Central Florida. He was part of the team that took down Patrick McDowell, the man accused of killing Nassau County Sheriff's Office Deputy Joshua Moyers.

Thousands of people on social media have been following Huk's journey in the days following his injuries, and he's amassed quite a fan club. 

First, Huk was airlifted to First Coast Veterinary Specialists in Jacksonville Beach. Later on Friday, the clinic updated that Huk's condition had been upgraded to "stable."

The clinic said in a social media post that Huk's injuries were to his neck, hind end and carpus (wrist). 

Saturday night, we got to see Huk grinning. First Coast Vet wrote in a Facebook post that they had been able to close one of Huk's wounds that night, and Huk was eating and resting comfortably. 

Sunday's update: Huk is outside!

From the looks of it, he loves the support he's been getting from the community and he loved his trip out into the sunshine today, but he hates his "cone of shame." 

Hopefully, Huk's on his way to a jail-break soon.

The latest update from Huk's veterinary team reads: "Huk had his wound dressings changed this morning. We are hopeful that we will be able to close his neck wound tomorrow. 

Wound vac was implemented into his treatment plan for his carpal (wrist) wound. The wrist has the most tissue damage. 

He did take a few minutes outside to enjoy some fresh air. He is still in good spirits. However, he is not so happy about the cone-of-shame (E-collar). Huk chewed at his bandage so he needs to wear an E-collar now! His expression is priceless in the photo when the collar was placed.

Again, First Coast Veterinary Specialists and Emergency want to thank everyone for their support and interest in Huk’s recovery!"

Photos below show Huk's big grin at feeling the sun on his back -- and his pretty dramatic veto to wearing the cone.

Credit: First Coast Veterinary Specialists
Injured K-9 Huk is on the road to recovery!
Credit: First Coast Veterinary Specialists
Huk, the K-9 shot in incident outside Jacksonville Zoo, is recovering at the vet. He's not a fan of his cone!
Credit: First Coast Veterinary Specialists
K-9 Huk is all smiles as he recovers from his injuries. His doctors say he is going to be okay!
Credit: NCSO
K-9 'Huk' helped the Nassau County Sheriff's Office stop the accused killer of Deputy Josh Moyers in September 2021.

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