JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — St. Augustine resident Micheal Bennett complained about the condition of his lawn. He pointed fingers to Aloha Pest and Lawn, the company he hired in Oct. to maintain his lawn.

"I don't want to fire them,"  Bennett said. "I want them to do their job."

Bennett complained to I'm Telling Ken on April 29 and two weeks later he showed us the lawn at his St. Augustine home.

"[They do] edging, mowing [and] cleaning," he said. "Everything is [apart of] the Paradise Package."

Dean Pacetti owns the company and said Bennett's concerns are not legitimate. He said his company has lived up to its contract.

"Our contract with Mr. Bennett does not include leaf removal," Pacetti said.

Pacetti showed us the contract with the words 'limited service."

"Limited to mowing, edging, using a weed eater and blowing off the surfaces," he said. "We were instructed to not touch the garden."

Pacetti has been in business since 2002 and said he tries very hard to please his clients.

He said Bennett is no exception.

"What you saw of his yard is not indicative of our service we have not been there in two weeks," he said.

The two have been going back and forth, Pacetti said he even hired personnel to visit Bennett's home and work on a resolution.

At one point he offered Bennett a full refund but he said it was refused and showed us the March check which was void.

 On May 1 Pacetti decided to terminate the contract.

"We have ceased any billing practices and any service performed as of the first of the month," he said.

He said he doesn't know what Bennett wants but he has lived up to his end of the contract.

Pacetti was transparent and believes this is a case where the customer's expectations are not aligned with the terms of the service agreement.

His attorney is sending Bennett a notice of termination.

"No one is perfect, but we try very hard to please the clients," Pacetti said.