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'I just want some closure for her:' Glynn County family demanding justice after December crash kills daughter

Tuesday marks three months since 20-year-old Allie Mason was killed while driving in rural Glynn County; family continues searching for cause of head-on collision.

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. — A Glynn County mother is demanding answers after a head-on collision killed her daughter in December. 

Tuesday marks three months since 20-year-old Allie Mason was killed while driving in rural Glynn County. 

Georgia State Patrol says the driver of the other car involved was speeding, but three months later, no charges have been filed and no one has been arrested. 

Now, Mason's family says they are fighting for justice and to keep her memory alive. 

"I want everybody to remember my daughter as the fun, and generous person that she was. She loved giving gifts, she loved to make people laugh, she loved animals, especially dogs," mother Sherry Mason said. "She was going to be a teacher. Now she doesn't get to be a teacher. She'll never get married or have babies."

Allie was killed three months ago. Now, a memorial marks the spot where she lost her life. Her mother, Sherry Mason says there is still not much known about what caused the collision. 

"I just want some closure for her, want justice for her and closure for us," Mason said. 

Around 9 p.m. on Dec. 14, 2022, Georgia State Patrol says Mason was driving her black Honda Civic eastbound on Georgia Highway 32, near mile marker 7, when the driver of a Red Volkswagen Jetta, driving westbound, swerved into the eastbound lane, hitting Mason's car head-on. 

"They said my daughter died on impact and that she didn't even know anything hit her it happened too fast, and she didn't have time to react," Mason said. 

Mason says Allie's car was unrecognizable. 

"It didn't even look like a car from the front driver side and the front seat was pushed all the way into the backseat. You couldn't even stick your hand in the floorboard hardly down there," Mason said. 

The other driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The crash report says the driver of the Volkswagen was speeding and Mason says law enforcement told her how fast they believe the driver was going. 

"I would really like to know why she was driving 105 miles an hour. There were eyewitnesses that saw the whole crash. The lady that hit her was driving erratically for several miles prior," Mason said. 

Georgia State Patrol says there hasn't been an arrest because its investigation is incomplete and can take anywhere from days to months to finalize. Any appropriate warrants will be issued once the investigation is complete. 

"This two-lane road is very dangerous. I just would like people to slow down and be more aware. Just because you don't care about your life, doesn't mean we don't care about ours," Mason said. 

Allie's family says they will continue fighting for answers until the crash investigation is complete.  

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