YULEE, Fla. -- Nassau County has 5 evacuation zones that officials can order, if a storm approaches.

The map below depicts the different zones by color.

Zones are ranked from “A” to “F” and depending on the potential for flooding.

Zone “F” has known flooding issues, even without an associated tropical storm.

Emergency managers encourage residents of mobile homes and those who are electricity-dependent to evacuate first out of the area, even if not in a designated in an evacuation zone.

Evacuation Map:

Nassau County Evacuation Map by FirstCoastNews

Important Links:
Nassau County shelter information: CLICK HERE
Nassau County Citizens Alert notifications: CLICK HERE
Nassau County special needs registry: CLICK HERE
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Important Phone Numbers:
Nassau County Sheriff’s Office: (904) 225-5174
Fernandina Beach Police Department: (904) 277-7342
Florida Power and Light: (800)-468-8243
JEA: (904) 665-6000