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Hungry and on a fixed-income, Hastings woman finally gets her egg sandwich

Margaret Wood says she can barely afford food. However, through the nonprofit Pie in the Sky, she's able to get eggs and a special treat.

HASTINGS, Fla. — The price of eggs has skyrocketed in the last year. 

What was once a cheap household staple has turned into an expensive source of protein.

Pie in the Sky, a St. Johns County nonprofit, is raising money to help fixed-income seniors.

"We need to raise $50,000, and we've raised $30,000 so far and that's to bring two dozen eggs every month to a senior for a year," Pie in the Sky founder, Malea Guiriba, said. 

Margaret Wood is one of those seniors. 

"It's been very hard because like most elderly people I live on a fixed income." Wood said.

Longtime Hastings restaurant owner, John Barnes, heard about Wood's struggles and called Guiriba. 

"He just right away said 'I'm sitting here reading this newspaper article' and it was a Sunday morning 'and I'm mad'," Guiriba said.  "I thought I need to go make miss Margaret an egg sandwich. I need to do that," Barnes said. 

Barnes owned Johnny's Kitchen, a popular restaurant in Hastings, he remembers growing up eating fresh food. 

The thought of someone not being able to afford eggs troubled him, so he went to Wood's house and cooked her an egg sandwich in her kitchen. 

A special treat.

"And I don't have to think about being hungry, and I appreciate that beyond saying," Wood said.

You can donate to Pie in the Sky here.

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