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'Stand up, fight back:' Hundreds march in Downtown Jacksonville after Roe v. Wade overturned

Their chants could be heard from a distance as they marched around Downtown Jacksonville.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — After the news of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, demonstrators gathered at the Duval County Courthouse Friday evening. 

Their chants could be heard from a distance as they marched around Downtown Jacksonville.

Marchers pounded the pavement in numbers while chanting, "we won't go back!" Men and women both marched in solidarity. 

Ariel Salgado and her partner showed up before the event started. 

"It's about all of our rights," Salgado said

She expressed disappointment after learning what happened to the landmark decision. However, Salgado is channeling her anger into motivation. The Jacksonville resident encourages people to have an open dialog with family and friends about abortion. 

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"Anybody that you feel comfortable with talking about abortions and talking about reproductive rights and what that looks like," Salgado said. "Something to use your voice in a way that's positive." 

While the mass of demonstrators want protected reproductive rights, Zac Howard, who identifies as pro-life, wants stronger abortion laws. 

Furthermore, he says he wants abortions to be criminalized because "human beings are created in the image of God." 

"Life begins at conception, and we need to recognize that and protect that with our laws," Howard said. 

Pro-choice supporters, however, expressed a sense of motivation to make sure their voices are heard on the streets and on the ballot. 

While marching, they chanted "vote them out". 

Overall, the event was peaceful. 

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