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'How long does it take to microwave a whole turkey?' Parents are asked, confusion ensues

People are taking to social media with their parents' responses to one simple question: "How long does it take to microwave a turkey?"

A Thanksgiving prank is making its rounds on the internet, and social media is gobbling it up. It's simple, just text your parents asking them how long it takes to microwave a whole turkey. The result just depends on how funny -- or confused -- your parents are.

A few First Coast News reporters got in on the fun.

Reporter Shelby Danielson says she gave her mother quite the scare.

Anchor Anthony Austin's mother says the microwave is good for only one thing.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro's mother was a bit confused but his father was way ahead of him.

Reporter Troy Kless' mother says it all depends.

Across social media, parents are responding to the question with humor, disgust, confusion or all of the above.

One parent had an ominous warning.

But some responded with instructions on how to cook a 25-pound turkey in a microwave.

One thing's for sure -- Thanksgiving 2018 is definitely off to a funny start.

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