A boy has his 'baby' back after a few caring employees hatched a scheme to make him smile.

Niah Negron posted about the ordeal on Facebook, saying that she's grateful for the service she received at a Best Buy after her son broke his favorite toy dinosaur. She says her son was devasted after the head of his poor dino came off.

"So the head on little man’s #Fingerling dinosaur broke, and for those of you that don’t know, this thing is his “baby”," Negron posted on Facebook. 

"It goes everywhere with him and stay in his hand or tucked in his shirt (like a baby carrier) at all times. Luckily I found the exact same one in stock and available for same day pick up. I was very nervous how this transaction would play out."

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Negron knew that her son was attached to the toy and getting it replaced entirely would be devastating, so she conspired a plan with some very empathetic employees at Best Buy.

"We walk in and go to the pick-up desk and I explain to them "We are here for a very delicate matter. You see, we need to see the dinosaur doctor, as the head has broken on our baby dinosaur!” Negron said in her post.

She says that the employees at Best Buy didn't miss a beat and jumped right into action. They explained that they would need the dinosaur for only a few moments while they “took the broken dinosaur to surgery”.

In reality, they were opening up a new dinosaur and making to switch behind the counter.

Dinosaur Swap
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A few 'stitches' later, the baby dinosaur was as good as new!

Negron says, "They pulled off this elaborate hoax with bright smiles and quick action. As they handed him his “fixed” dinosaur, he squealed with joy. His baby was all better, and so was his broken heart."

She says that she's grateful for the employees at Best Buy who went out of their way to make her son happy. She says they could have easily just sold her the new toy but instead, they went above and beyond.

"I am forever grateful to these two women (Stephanie” and “T” at Best Buy Atlantic Blvd) who went above and beyond to be the best dinosaur doctors ever, and all to keep one little boy who they had never met, and will likely never see again, happy. So from this very nervous mom, I say the most sincere “Thank you”.

Happy Baby
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