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Sandalwood students see Holocaust display as part of bigger lesson

High school students get lesson on hatred that led to Holocaust

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Students at Sandalwood High School got an immersive lesson on the Holocaust.

The organization Hate Ends Now brought a replica of a World War II style cattle car that was used to transport millions of Jews and other humans to concentration camps.  

Students were able to walk inside of the cattle car and watch a video that featured survivors of the Holocaust as they detailed their experience living through discrimination and hatred.  Both of the Holocaust survivors in the video played for the students are still alive. 

"I can't imagine what they felt like back then," said Sandalwood senior Mason Mick, "they had 100 people in that one car, it was probably hot and the smell was horrible.  Just getting a glimpse of what it was like was horrible."

"Young people are impressionable and can take these lessons and learn from them," said Sandalwood teacher Patrick Nolan, who teaches a class on the Holocaust, "the hope is the more they learn about this they carry it with them and become the next vessel of this information."

The cattle car will be making multiple stops at different schools across the Jacksonville area and is open to the public Sunday May 8th from noon to 6pm at Christ the Messiah Church (7576 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32217).

In a flyer provided to First Coast News, Hate Ends Now says that it is committed to highlighting the indifference, abuse of power and violence that is prevalent around the country by spreading awareness through education about the Holocaust.

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