Speaking at UC Davis on Monday night, Hillary Clinton said climate change must be acknowledged as a cause of the wildfires burning across California.

The former presidential candidate began her remarks by offering her sympathy for those impacted by the wildfires throughout wine country and her gratitude to the first responders.

However, she added, that sympathy is not enough.

"It's been a tough couple of weeks with hurricanes and earthquakes and now these terrible fires," said Clinton, who appeared before a sold-out crowd at UC Davis' Mondavi Center. "So in addition to expressing our sympathy, we need to really come together to try to work to prevent and mitigate, and that starts with acknowledging climate change and the role that it plays in exacerbating such events."

During her remarks, Clinton also addressed the Las Vegas shooting and called for gun control.

"When I think about Michelle Vo..." she said, referring to the UC Davis alum killed in the massacre, "I know we must do everything in our power to try to stop what happens every day from happening again and that will demand the courage to stand up to the gun lobby."

Clinton made the appearance at UC Davis as part of her cross-country tour to promote her new book, "What Happened." The memoir chronicles her take on what happened in the 2016 campaign.