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Do you have a house fire evacuation plan?

Chief Keith Powers with JFRD says especially if you have a kid or an elderly person who lives in the house you want to practice procedures.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There's been several house fires on the first coast since the new year. Chief Keith Powers with the Jacksonville fire and rescue department says its important for families to come up with an escape plan. 

"You get under that pressure and the strain and stresses of all that smoke in your house or a fire burning in your house," said Powers.

That's why Powers says having a plan in place is helpful.

"Actually go through the procedures of where they are going to go and how they are going to get there, if their doorway was block by fire or if the smoke was so thick in the hallway outside of their rooms they couldn't get out," said Powers.

Powers says it’s crucial to have a centralized meet up spot.

“A safe place where they all know they are going to meet so we know when we arrive, we can talk to them and understand if there is someone still in the house or the structure or whether we need to concentrate on making a rescue," said Powers. 

He says also folks should make sure they have a working smoke detector.

“Smoke detectors is the only warning to get you out before a fire gets bad and they truly save lives," said Powers. 

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