JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Some people want to make a difference. Others drop everything and try. Kim Denmark has been walking across America for the last 16 years to take homeless veterans off the street.

She arrived in Jacksonville's City Hall Wednesday to find someone to help in Northeast Florida.

Kim Denmark used to be a businesswoman from Ohio. Sixteen years later, she's walking across the country full-time to meet a homeless veteran in every city, and rehabilitate them back into society.

"I ask the community, the officials, and say, 'I have a veteran will you help me help this veteran,'" she said. 

Her walk has taken her to dozens of cities.

For example, one of her stories is a man named Clarence. Denmark said she met Clarence back in June 2018 at a park in Pompano. Now, he works in waste management and has a home.

"My long term goal is to one day open my own self-sufficiency campus for homeless," she said.

So why does she do it?

"It's about love," said Denmark. 

Denmark is looking for her next veteran in Jacksonville. She plans to set them up with housing and a job. 

In just one day, she's already met with members of the community to help. 

"Housing, a job, that's the American dream," said Denmark. 

Denmark is leaving Jacksonville in five days. Then, she will head to her next city. She's on her way to California, hoping Ellen catches wind of her work and helps her bring more national attention to what she's doing. 

For more information about her Walk Across America, her website is https://kimdenmark.org/. Her Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/thewalkacrossamerica/