JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A couple who recently moved to Mandarin is desperately searching for their keepsakes after boxes they shipped from Nebraska didn't make it to their new home in Jacksonville.

Mikayla Wray and her wife packed up their life and moved to the River City last month. They said whatever didn't fit in the car, they shipped it in the mail.

They spent hundreds of dollars and shipped about a dozen boxes through the United States Postal Service; each box filled with priceless and irreplaceable memories.

All but two boxes were delivered to their new Mandarin home. Inside those boxes were priceless and irreplaceable memories.

"We had our wedding pictures, our pictures from the honeymoon, all the cards we were given," Wray said. "We had pictures from our childhood in there. Just a bunch of memories that we can't replace."

Wray said USPS told them the boxes were delivered to the wrong address, but then told her the packages were delivered to the right address. Then they were told it was out of USPS' hands because the couple didn't have insurance on the boxes.

So what happened to them?

Wray said the couple asked all of their neighbors, posted on social media and other websites and haven't heard anything.

First Coast News also reached out to USPS to see if we can help track the packages. We are waiting to hear back.