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Grumpy's owner says restaurant will be closed for several months, focused on employees after Wednesday night fire

Owner, Dell Hoard, says no one was in the restaurant when it caught on fire. Hoard says he's focused on taking care of his employees while Grumpy's is closed.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The line usually wraps around the corner at Grumpy's in Middleburg, but that is no longer the case after a Wednesday night fire closed the restaurant indefinitely.

"It's just part of Middleburg, we're a small town and we just really appreciate what they do for us and we're ready to do whatever they need to get back up and running," Grumpy's customer, Vanessa Roth, said about the restaurant. 

Customers like Tabraizia McClelleen, who works two stores down, got that warm feeling when they walked into Grumpy's. 

"I go in there every day whether its to get food or just their freshly squeezed orange juice the family is super nice so I know it's hard for them. They're always reaching out and making it a point to introduce themselves," McClelleen said.

Owner Dell Hoard worked hard to make it feel like home in just one year of business.

"This is family owned and we wanted everyone to feel like they're part of our family so I think you just treat people that way," Hoard said. 

Behind the cranky chef logo is place where the food is good and service is even better.

Hoard says he will be back in business and he hopes the hospitality will come back with it.

"The people that I feel most for are my employees my staff so making sure that they survive during this time is most important to me," Hoard said.

"They're awesome servers awesome people it's just a lot of fun," customer, Kitty Kosmos, said.

Hoard added he's going to do his best to keep his employees on the payroll while Grumpy's is closed, but asked for the community's help so they can see lines outside of Grumpy's again soon.

Hoard estimates the restaurant will be closed for 2-4 months and that it is a complete loss. He said the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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