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'We will continue to contend with the virus, but we will not be defined by it': Florida Gov. DeSantis discusses Tropical Storm Isaías, COVID-19

DeSantis said Tropical Storm Isaías is an evolving situation but Floridians should prepare "7 days worth of food, water and medicine" along with having a plan.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis addressed Floridians Thursday evening to discuss Tropical Storm Isaías and the coronavirus pandemic.

The virtual address happened at 5:20 p.m. via the Florida Channel

During the address, DeSantis spoke about the uncertainty of Tropical Storm Isaías track and urged Floridians to get prepared early.

"But this is an evolving situation so please keep up with official updates and make sure you have a plan and have 7 days worth of food, water and medicine," he said.

DeSantis then spoke about the coronavirus and the impacts it has had on Floridians.

"Our lives have been captivated – and in many ways – turned upside down by something we can’t see – can’t smell – can’t taste or touch," he said.

The governor said that while times have been tough and lives have been lost we can get threw this pandemic.

"We will continue to contend with the virus, but we will not be defined by it," DeSantis said. 

In order to help fight the virus he said we should continue to do four things: "First, protect those especially vulnerable to the disease, such as our senior citizens. Second, exercise proper hygiene. Third, practice physical distancing by avoiding closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact environments. Fourth, when physical distancing cannot be maintained, wear a facial covering."

DeSantis also briefly spoke about parent's right to choose the best option for their children when it comes to the upcoming school year and a veteran who is currently recovering from COVID-19 just 16 days before his 89th birthday.

He concluded his address with new information on the latest COVID-19 trends.

"Now, fortunately, we have begun to see some positive trends throughout the state regarding declining emergency department visits and hospitalizations for COVID-like illnesses," DeSantis said. "We want those trends to continue and tonight – we resolve to press forward to capitalize on those trends." 

The address can be seen in its entirety below.