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Good Samaritan rushes in to help after semi-truck crashes into store

One man jumped into action ultimately pulling debris off victims and guiding paramedics to the injured.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating a crash that left five people injured, including two children, after a semi-truck rammed into a hardware store.

It happened Friday evening in Jacksonville’s Westside at Ace Hardware on the corner of Cahoon Road and West Beaver Street. Police say at this time it’s unknown what caused the crashed, but four vehicles were involved.

After the crash, one man rushed in to help, ultimately pulling debris off victims and guiding paramedics to the injured.

“There wasn’t much going through my head. I was like I need to get in there, I need to make sure these people are okay," said Nick McDonald, a Good Samaritan.

McDonald says he was at home when he heard the crash. He came to the store to investigate and immediately leapt into ace hardware to help.

“He started yelling for help. And I could barely hear him and I moved a bunch of debris and I found him, I could only see his head so I started clearing debris out, I put a shirt behind his head and I was just like we need paramedics here fast," McDonald said.

McDonald captured cell phone video showing the moments paramedics arrived. They can be seen shifting through rubble at the front of the semi-truck, the camera pans to show the hole in the store front.

“All the paramedics lined up and got debris out the way, and just made a walk way for them to get the guys out of there," McDonald said. 

In total there were five victims, three of whom have serious injuries. First Coast News has learned that two of those injured are Dennis and Keith Bennett, co-owners of the store.

“The Bennett’s always been around they’ve always been the most hospitable type people," Billy Rutland, a family friend, said.

Family arrived at the scene to assess the damage. While they wouldn’t go on camera, they told First Coast News the injured Bennetts were still in the hospital.

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Many neighbors who came to see the aftermath saying the Bennett Ace Hardware is a huge part of the community

“You know it’s going to be some trying times for the families, But they got a lot of love and support from the community because they have been a staple here for some many years," Rutland said.

Family tell First Coast News that the semi truck is expected to be removed on Thursday, we are still waiting on an update on the conditions of those victims.

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