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Good Samaritan who helped stop Ponte Vedra stabbing released from hospital

Kennedy Armstrong, who was injured trying to subdue the suspect, says the mother and daughter who were stabbed are in stable condition.

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — A mother and daughter were stabbed at a Ponte Vedra restaurant Saturday, witnesses told First Coast News. Also injured was Kennedy Armstrong -- a patron of the restaurant who jumped in to try to stop the suspect.

Armstrong was the first victim to be released from the hospital, heading home Sunday. He said he has heard that the other two victims are in stable condition. 

He told First Coast News he came by Mr. Chubby's Wings after work, when he heard people yelling in the parking lot.

That's when he saw a man stabbing two women, so he went running toward them.

He said what happened after that is a blur, but his sole purpose was to get the man off of them.

He didn't know until after it was all broken up that he'd been hurt, when he saw his pants covered in blood.

His right hand was cut severely, damaging an artery and several ligaments.

When asked what it's like to see people calling him a hero, he said he just did what any person should in the moment.

"I just call it doing what you're supposed to do at the time," said Armstrong. "You see two girls in trouble getting attacked by a guy, I would hope most people would do the same. Kudos to the mom, I think she's the real reason that girl is still alive."

Armstrong said he was able to hear from the family of the other victims that both are awake and stable.

He is headed in for surgery either Monday or Tuesday, but said he'd do it all again if he had to.

"I can only move my thumb fully. I have no movement in these two fingers. These two fingers I can only move up and down. It is what it is."

But that isn't what he was concerned about. 

"I was more worried about the ladies being ok. Now that I know that, I trust the doctors will fix my hand fine." 

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