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Miracle on a mail route: Postal worker in the right place, right time saves a woman's life

It was a normal Monday in Toledo for USPS mail carrier Jeff Alexander until he reached a longtime resident on his route in desperate need of help.

TOLEDO, Ohio — What started out as a normal workday for Jeff Alexander delivering mail, turned into a life-saving miracle. 

"It was a Monday. Mondays are always busy and hectic," he said. "You know, trying to stay ahead of schedule."

Until he was stopped during his route by a woman screaming for help. "And I knew something was wrong just by the tone of her voice. So, of course, I go over there and try to see what's going on."

That's when Alexander saw the woman's sister lying motionless on the floor. Barely conscious, he said. 

"So, I ask some simple questions," Alexander said. "'How long has she been there?' And she thinks a couple of days - maybe three. I said, 'oh no. I better get in there.'"

Alexander explained he called 911 immediately and first responders arrived shortly after, asking him to wait there until they showed up.

He said they told him it was a good thing he got there when he did because she wasn't in good shape. "I was really concerned for her. I've been her letter carrier a long time."

Alexander said going to homes six days a week helps mail carriers develop a specific routine. And with that comes the ability to know what to do if something happens. 

"It's just one of those things that you just want to do the right thing," he explained. "And you got to react in the right way."

It's not the first time something like this has happened to Alexander. A similar situation happened nearly 25 years ago. He said always being prepared comes along with the job title. 

"We're observers," Alexander said. "We're public servants, so that's our job to be observant all the time."

So on that Monday, Alexander delivered not only Christmas cards, but also a Christmas miracle.


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