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TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: Stephanie Harris Hamm Loves Teaching

After making the transition to teaching two years ago, virtual teaching has helped area teacher "walk in her purpose"
Credit: Stephanie Harris Hamm

During the coronavirus pandemic, teachers have had to make some major adjustments as they continue to teach their students virtually.

Stephanie Harris Hamm, a 2nd grade teacher at Hyde Grove Elementary on the Westside of Jacksonville, has embraced the challenge.

In fact Harris Hamm says she believes she’s finally walking in her purpose after working in the corporate world for 22 years. In addition to teaching, Harris Hamm is a photographer and an event planner.

Harris Hamm says she earned her degree in education back in 2017 and started her teaching career in 2019.

“Your drive is different. It's like not even having to go to work. You're going to serve a purpose. You're going to inspire. You're going to encourage and for me to be there for the young people it just fuels my drive. I tell you we are there to inspire them but they inspire me each day," she said.

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Credit: Stephanie Harris Hamm
Credit: Stephanie Harris Hamm