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Shoppers flood Jacksonville Town Center with holiday returns

Shoppers out today are prepared with their own advice for making returns as quickly and simply as possible.
Credit: WTLV

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — One of the busiest days for retail returns in the day after Christmas. With more than 175 shops, the St. Johns Town Center was a busy destination for people lookin got return or exchange unwanted gifts.

“Patience goes a long way here at the center here during shopping season, patience goes a long way. So just take the extra minute," said Ashlee Schneider, director of marketing and business development for the St Johns Town Center.

The Better Business Bureau has tips for shoppers to streamline the process, including knowing the store’s return policy and bringing the item with original packaging and tags.

Shoppers out Sunday were also prepared with their own advice for making those returns as quickly as possible.

“Get to where you’re going early. I think that’s the best way to beat the crowds. Just make sure you get there when the store opens and hopefully you can get in and out pretty quick," shopper Kerrie Hileman said.

“The bulk of our holiday shopping, save for a few items, was done online. So I would definitely just pop it in a box, bring it to UPS, send it off," shopper Melissa Savage said. 

Around $120 billion worth of goods is expected to be returned, from Thanksgiving to the end of January, according to the reverse logistics technology company Optoro.

With plenty of after Christmas sales, there are many opportunities to get the perfect post-Christmas gift.

“We have everything from Target to Tiffany’s," Schneider said. "You can find anything here. We also sell gift cards. Post Christmas, if you forgot about someone, this is really a good option."

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