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Daily schedules can save your sanity during the pandemic

Going stir crazy at home with your kids out of school and not finding time to get your own work done. A routine might be the answer.

For many of you, this week of social distancing, telecommuting and closed schools has been a juggling act. Having a routine makes life more predictable and it's what you and your kids are used to. There's a specific wake up time, work time, school time, lunchtime. Even though everyone is out of school and work, a routine will start everything better. Sanity saver because everything has a designated time for parents to get work done interrupted. You have children of different ages and grades so they have different needs and schedules. So there could be interruptions. Don't have a regimented routine or schedule. It should serve as a guideline. It may take a few days for everyone to get used to the routine. Patience is a must.

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