JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Golden retrievers are a beloved breed in the United States, but that is not always the case in the country of Turkey.

Experts say golden retrievers used to be a status symbol in Turkey, but only when they were puppies. That means many adult dogs put out onto the streets to fend for themselves.

So an Atlanta based golden rescue had the idea of bringing the unwanted goldens from Turkey over to the U.S. where rescue groups have pages of wait lists.

The idea has taken off and G.R.E.A.T. Rescue of Northeast Florida welcomed three beautiful golden retrievers from Turkey in early January -- two females named, Sable and Maggie Mae, and one male named Jax. The females seemed to be in good health, but Jax needed some dental work and it appears he had a broken pelvis and femur which a vet is now working on to make sure it heals properly.

The foster families that are looking after the dogs say they can't believe how terrible the conditions were for the dogs in Turkey, but they are so glad to see them blossoming here. To get each dog over to the U.S. wasn't cheap, it was around $1,800 per dog just for airfare.

"We hope that we can do it again, money is going to be the only reason we would have a problem with it. But we are looking to hopefully bring in some more dogs in the summer. It costs a great deal, anybody that would like to help us out with the fundraising activities or donations, we would love to hear from you," said Judi Brown, the founder of G.R.E.A.T. Rescue of Northeast Florida.

Sable, in the red collar, is looking for a home, you can fill out an application on the G.R.E.A.T. website.

Families need to have at least one person at home and a fenced in yard to adopt Sable. If you would like to donate to help bring more goldens over, you can also do that through the website.