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Glynn County teens in viral video could be treated as adults, depending on age

Investigators have to treat this case differently because the victim is an adult and the suspects are minors.

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. — While no arrests have been made after a 19-year-old was dropped off at a hospital with toxic levels of alcohol in system, Glynn County Police said they are making "incremental progress" in the investigation. 

Trent Lehrkamp, at last check, was said to be out of the ICU but still recovering.

The young man's father said it is the latest brutal hazing his son has suffered at the hands of several St. Simon Island teens. Police recently clarified this was not an act of hazing. 

First Coast News talked to Darryl Cohen, a Georgia defense attorney. He used to be a prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia. Cohen said investigators have to treat this case differently because Lehrkamp is the alleged victim and the suspects are minors. The potential charges they could face depend on the age. 

"Unfortunately we have more questions at this point than answers," Cohen said. 

The attorney said in the state of Georgia, one is no longer considered a minor if they are 17-years-old. Videos show Lehrkamp was sprayed with a water hose and photo shows he was covered with spray paint and other substances. He was once covered in WD-40, egg yolk and vomit. Police are also investigating social media tips, some of which said the teen was forced to consume alcohol and drugs. 

Cohen said if the suspects are younger than 17, then it is a strictly juvenile case. 

Lehrkamp's blood alcohol was nearly fatal. He was dropped off at a hospital, barely breathing. Cohen said that could be seen as aggravated assault or attempted murder. 

"So if we can show, that is 'we' being the DA's office, can show that this was a felony, aggravated assault, which is punishable in Georgia by anywhere from one to 20 years. It can be probation suspended or incarceration time," Cohen explained. 

He said investigators are tasked to learn how the victim became a victim. Even the teens who weren't doing anything to Lehrkamp in the video could be "parties to a crime." Under Georgia law, Cohen said they could face similar charges. 

 "Frankly, I better show that I'm innocent," Cohen suggested. "Or else I [the suspected teen] will likely be prosecuted by virtue of the fact that I was there was a party to that crime that took place at the time [and] I didn't do anything to stop it."

On Wednesday, Glynn County interim police chief O'Neal Jackson said they have identified everyone in the picture and video that has been circulating on social media. Police said they are collecting evidence related to this case.

A GoFundMe to help Trent Lehrkamp's family with medical bills has garnered more than $100,000. That is double than its original goal. 

Credit: WTLV
Video of Trent Lehrkamp getting hosed

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