JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Global Ministries Foundation is being sued by multiple victims of violence that occurred at Eureka Gardens.

Two of the seven people that were shot at Eureka Gardens in August spoke out for the first time Tuesday.

The mass shooting is just another page in the lengthy book of crimes here at Eureka Gardens.

The victims are suing because they say Global Ministries knew about the issues but had done nothing to prevent it.

"We just moved here. We were with friends just hanging out having a good time and almost lost our lives. We don't even know why. Why would you shoot and try to take people's lives. We've done nothing to you guys. You know,” said one of the victims. She wanted to protect her identity because the suspect who shot her has not been arrested yet.

Tuesday the mass shooting victims were joined by families of two victims that were shot and killed on the property are demanding change on the local and federal level.

The victims say there needs to be more security and the property should work with JSO to do an assessment of what's needed to turn things around.

Robin Stanley’s son was shot and killed at Eureka Gardens a few years ago.

"It's not safe, it's not laying your head down at night and having sweet dreams that you will be ok. It's just sad and heartbreaking. My message to them is if it wasn't our family it was going to be another family. They just need to do something. They need to do something,” said Stanley.

Another victim from the August shooting says Global Ministries needs to be held accountable for neglecting the community.

"I blame the owners of the complex because it's not like you didn't know what was going on inside. Especially with all the complaints and everything."

Eureka Gardens is in the process of being sold. There is a buyer but they are awaiting approval from HUD.