The day after Donald Trump won the presidency, a Glynn County high school student was reportedly threatened by multiple students - and even chased by some students, but not assaulted, Glynn County schools says in a release.

Wearing a Trump hat, Trump t-shirt and carrying around a Trump flag, the student at Glynn Academy High School was walking through the center of school after the final class change of the day when one student tried to grab the flag from him.

The student picked up his pace and was followed by a few students. Eventually the assistant principal disbanded the group and everyone went to class, the release says.

The student and his parents met with the school's principal and they all agreed the student wouldn't wear the shirt or hat or bring the flag to school again until after Christmas.

School officials say the student is not in trouble and wasn't hurt in any way. According to officials, the student did feel threatened.

Officials are investigating to see if any verbal threats were made against the Trump-supporting student.

The student had previously brought the Trump flag to school.

Both school officials and the student's parents agreed to put out the news release.