Less than 30 days and counting stand between voters and Election Tuesday. As the deadline gets closer, an Associated Press report claims over half a million Georgia voter registration applications were thrown out last year is sparking calls for review.

A data report by AP found 53,000 voter registrations in Georgia are currently on hold for violating the state's "exact match" law. The rule requires a voter's application exactly match official DMV or Social Security Administration records. Slight misspellings or missing hyphens were enough to put a registration in jeopardy, according to AP.

11Alive: Stacey Abrams' campaign wants Brian Kemp to resign amid allegations of blocking voter registrations

Georgia's gubernatorial candidates are in disagreement over the root cause of the registrations in limbo.

Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams has called for the resignation of Secretary of State Brian Kemp, her contender in November. Abrams believes the thrown out registrations are biased against minority voters, who she said make up no less than 70 percent of the blocked applications.

Kemp, who was in charge of the voter registry maintenance during the period highlighted by AP, denies the system is flawed. In a statement to our sister station 11Alive in Atlanta, a spokesperson with Kemp's campaign blamed third-party groups for signing up potential voters but failing to accurately take down information.

Florida requirements are not as stringent, a Duval County Supervisor of Elections representative told First Coast News. The representative said only major problems or discrepancies on a registration will create a cancellation and the election office.

If there is a problem, election officials will notify the voter by mail. However, failure to respond in time could keep the voter from being eligible to vote in November the representative said. The voter may be required to cast a provisional ballot while their information is reviewed.

In 2016, of the 1,108 ballots cast provisionally in Duval County, only 336 were counted.

Kemp’s team told 11Alive those Georgia applicants can still vote as long they verify their information at the polls.

After registering to vote, check your voter status online or by phone to make sure you are marked 'eligible.'

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