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Future of Adventure Landing in Jacksonville Beach still undetermined

The park came under new ownership last year with plans to turn the park an apartment complex that also has commercial uses.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Adventure Landing opened its doors in 1995, and since then, it's seen more than three decades of people coming and going.

To hear that this park could be torn down has some feeling nostalgic. 

“I’m kind of wistful you know I mean my kids had birthday parties here, so you know it's kind of sad," said Aimee, a nearby neighbor. 

Last year, a developer called Trevato bought the property with plans to turn it into an apartment complex with commercial space as well.

The new complex would have more than 400 apartment units.

For Aimee, this is concerning as she says there is limited space in Jacksonville Beach and feels traffic may become an issue. 

“I’m not for more development though personally, but maybe the park needs a revamp that would be nice, but it makes me kind of sad," she said.

On Monday, the Jacksonville Beach City Council voted 6 to 1 to hear the developer’s request for rezoning the property.

Part of the deal would be making seven percent of the apartments available for affordable housing.

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The mayor says this is just the first reading and the final vote will be in November.

The attorney for Trevato Development Group, Steve Diebenow, said in a statement, "I am proud to be part of the team that has had a dialogue with the community for 18+/- months about the best way to implement The City of Jacksonville Beach Comprehensive Plan." 

Diebenow continued, "I am honored that the planning staff and the City Council took the time to help shape our client’s vision for the property."

Diebenow says this project has so many benefits including:

  1. Provides market rate and workforce housing options for Jacksonville Beach residents
  2. Increases land available for conservation and recreation by 60% (more than 80% of the site)
  3. Activates conservation and recreation lands
  4. Improves water quality and maintaining salt marshes, freshwater wetlands, flood plains and coastal high hazard areas
  5. Reduces potential traffic impacts by more than 60%

The General Manager of Adventure Landing says the company is having conversations about a possible future Adventure Landing location in the Jacksonville area.

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