The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office suspects foul play after human skeletal remains were found in a bag in Northwest Jacksonville Thursday night.

In an update on Friday, JSO said they believe foul play is involved because of "the positioning of the body."

A man, identified as Joseph Cummings, discovered the bag of human remains while clearing woods across from his house along Utsey Road.

"When I glanced back to where the bag was at, that’s where I saw all the ribs, the leg bones, the femur, the rest were laying ten feet away from where my tractor was," Cummings said.

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Police and medical examiners have been working to identify the remains, but at this time, no identification has been made, police said.

JSO said the remains are still on the scene and the property owner is working with police as they investigate.

An anthropologist has been called to investigate the area to ensure no other remains are there, but police believe there is only one body on the premise, according to JSO.

The crime scene has been narrowed down to a small area of the private property and police do not believe that the remains are related to any homes in the area, police said.

Anyone with any information related to this incident should contact JSO at 630-0500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-8-66-845-TIPS.