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Former Jacksonville Mayor Jake Godbold on JEA sale: End this now!

Former Mayor Jake Godbold took out an advertisement in the Times-Union calling for the Jacksonville City Council to vote no-confidence in the JEA board and CEO.

Former Mayor Jake Godbold took out a full-page advertisement in Monday’s Times-Union calling on the Jacksonville City Council to put a stop to JEA privatization discussions.

“End this now!” Godbold wrote in the ad that appeared on page A4 of the newspaper. The ad was titled: “An Open Letter to the Members of the City Council. From Former Mayor Jake Godbold”

“The only good thing that has happened over the last several months because of the JEA’s idiotic campaign to sell the public utility to a private company is, it has united Jacksonville in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever seen.”

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Godbold said he predicts a “citizens revolt” if the conversations continue.

“To be blunt: Enough is enough!”

He said “It’s time for a City Council vote of no-confidence in the JEA board and its CEO, if not outright removal.”

He ended his letter with: “End this now! Don’t be on the wrong side of history. And, for God’s sake, don’t fail Jacksonville.”

Then he listed the phone numbers and email addresses of all 19 council members and encouraged readers to tell the council how they felt.