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Former student, colleague not surprised by former Douglas Anderson music teacher's arrest

Jack Leon attended Douglas Anderson from 2002 to 2006. He remembers Jeffrey Clayton as angry and rumors that Clayton tried to kiss and touch students.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — There’s controversy in Jacksonville as more former students and colleagues of the Douglas Anderson teacher accused of kissing a student come forward to say they reported him to the district, but no action was taken.

So the question many are asking is, why didn’t Duval County Public Schools hold him accountable before now?

Jack Leon is employed by DCPS, and he reached out to the investigating office more than 24 hours ago to tell them he has information about Jeffrey Clayton. 

He said he’s disappointed he hasn’t heard back from investigators yet.

Leon attended Douglas Anderson from 2002 to 2006. He remembers Clayton as angry and rumors that Clayton tried to kiss and touch students.

Leon said he got his dream job working at the school in 2020 and decided to come forward with what he knew.

“He would push the envelope as much as he could,” Leon said. “And so when I started there, I went to the principal and said ‘These are some things that I know’ and the response that I got was, ‘It’s all stuff that I can’t deal with because they’re not current students.’”

Leon said last January, the district called him for information while investigating Clayton. He said not only did Clayton act sexually inappropriate with students, but said Clayton also treated colleagues with no respect.

“I was a threat, and it was a competition, and what he decided to do with me was get very invasive into my life,” Leon said. “He even tried to come to my house several times, and I’m like, no dude, you’re not coming to my house.”

Leon said one tactic Clayton used to keep his power at the school was fear. He hopes former and current students have the courage to speak up now about anything Clayton may have done around them or to them.

“What I would say to current students or to former students that have had experiences with him is to say just don’t be afraid,” Leon said. “Just say what you need to say, speak your piece, speak it honestly because I think he invoked a lot of fear.”

First Coast News called Clayton for comment, but his phone is off. If you have a story to share about your experience with him, please contact the head of the district’s professional standard's office at GrantT1@duvalschools.org.

First Coast News requested an interview with the DCPS superintendent about Clayton and the reports made by former students and colleagues, but we have not heard back.

We also requested an interview with Sheriff T.K. Waters about the situation, but his office directed us to DCPS since they’re leading the investigation.

Contact the SBPD at 858-6100 with any information that could be pertinent to the case.

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