JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Under the falling rain, a statue of a kneeling officer leaves a bronze rose on the ground honoring Jacksonville's fallen officers, at the Fallen Officers Memorial wall near the Jacksonville Veterans Arena.

When the rain broke Tuesday afternoon, the people they swore to protect left real roses, in honor of Officer Lance Whitaker, who died in an early morning crash on I-295 near Alta Street.

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"I think that it's very wonderful for people to come out and remember the people who have put their life on the line," said Alison Carter, who stopped to reflect.

She and Jonah Osteen didn't know much about the crash but that didn't stop them from paying their respects. They said it's less about officers or civilians, and more about lifting up neighbors when they need it most

"It's nice everyone is trying to come help out the community," Osteen said.

The brief minutes of sunshine soon passed and more rain came through, but so did more people and more roses.

"Even though they might not have known them, they still took the time to come out and remember, or take a moment of silence for them," Carter said. "It's wonderful."