JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - China is slapping a 25 percent tariff on over 100 American products, including cigars and orange juice which are big business in Florida.

Swisher International, which makes cigars and other tobacco products, employs 450 people at its Jacksonville headquarters, but a spokesperson says workers there are safe because China isn't one of the 80 countries to which it exports.

However, sister company E Alternative Solutions, which is also based in Jacksonville, will have to face the tariffs when sending e-cigarette products to China.

Florida Citrus Mutual, an organization of growers says China is not a significant market for Florida orange juice specifically.

Michael Barwald, owner of Flying Dragon Citrus Nursery in Jacksonville fears any hike on any American citrus product could see prices rise across the industry.

"I don't think anybody wins in a tariff war,” Barwald said. “Usually everybody has some loss all the way around unfortunately."

The tariffs are set to take effect July 6th.

CNBC has a full list of products which will be affected by the tariffs here.