EVERGLADES, Fla. -- The internet has done it again and another video of humongous gator has gone viral.

This time, the internet has fallen in love with 'Snaggletooth,' the strolling gator with a stride all his own.

Want to see the original video? Check it out for yourself:

The fun video shows the alligator strutting his stuff as he appears to be searching for a mate. It was captured by Clyde Butcher, a well-known nature photographer in the Everglades.

Truth be told, Snaggletooth may just be taking a break from his longtime, pregnant mate, 'Big Momma,' who is caring for their 32 gator babies. (Puts a whole new meaning to the #MomLife, huh?)

Snaggletooth, the apparent gator with swag, has been a resident of the Big Cypress Preserve off Alligator Ally for ten years.

Are you feeling brave and inspired enough to check out the gators and a little nature action for yourself?

The Clyde Butcher Big Cyprus Gallery rents out Swamp Cottages to people who like to see nature, and more specifically, gators. It also offers swamp walks to allow people to get a little closer to nature.