Some of the most dramatic images from Wednesday's student rally in Tallahassee came from the students themselves.

Thousands of students marched calling for stricter gun laws, following the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Snap by snap and step by step, students posted their cell phone journalism to Snapchat, a few seconds at a time.

They chanted, “enough is enough,” through the streets, and “no more silence, end the violence,” outside the capitol.

Inside, one student was brought to tears, telling an unseen government worker, “you are laughing you don't even care!"

Another video appears to show the friend of a student killed in Parkland speaking to an unidentified lawmaker.

"Today is my friend's little sister's birthday and she will never, never celebrate another birthday," she said.

Another shows a woman arguing that giving teachers guns makes students less safe.

"It is more unconstitutional to force people into having guns that don't want them than to take them away from the next mass shooter," she said.

Students weren't the only ones taking to social media.

Gov. Rick Scott tweeted a picture of his school safety meeting with students from Douglas.

“I look forward to putting out my proposal on Friday to keep students safe and prevent people with mental illness from getting guns,” Scott said in his tweet.

Rep. Jay Fant (Rep. Jacksonville) told his Twitter followers he wants school safety not based on new gun legislation.

Back at the capitol, students chanted at state representatives, "be ashamed,” and “vote them out.”